Alongside the current edition of Valencia Indie Summit the community GamEsp Audio will present the first edition of Game Audio Summit, a free-to-attend event focused on the development of audio and music for video games and interactive media, aiming to share experiences and shape the future of the national industry.

The convention will feature his own conferences, round-table discussions, and a lot of networking
Placed on LasNaves on May 16th , 10:00H - 20:00H

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Speaker 1

Don't play with the rules, or the rules will play with you

Learning the rules is always a good path to growth, but who hasn’t heard that 'breaking the rules' is the way to go? In this talk, composer and music designer Olivier Deriviere will share his experiences on how to navigate the video game industry and how to leave your own mark by creating your own rules.

Olivier Deriviere

Olivier Deriviere is a visionary composer and music designer known for pushing the boundaries of music in video games and films. He has worked in many AAA titles. Some of his most recognized works include 'Assassin's Creed IV: Freedom Cry' (2013), 'A Plague Tale: Innocence' (2019), and its sequel 'A Plague Tale : Requiem' (2022), for which he was nominated for a BAFTA Game Award.

Speaker 1

My journey discovering the potential of game music design

Composer and music designer Jan Fité will go through his own realization of how music design changed and re-shaper the way he understands video game music, describing the process that let him discover how music can be used in favor of an immersive, interactive and cohesive gaming experience for the player.

Jan Fité

Jan Fité is a composer, music designer and double bass player. He has worked in several indie titles such ‘Oniria Crimes’ (2020) or ‘Ugly’ (2023). Since 2021 he has worked with the composer Olivier Deriviere in many titles including ‘Steelrising’ (2022) and 'A Plague Tale : Requiem' (2022), working as a music designer.

Speaker 1


Composer Carlos Viola will go through his own process and insights working in large scale games in the healthiest way possible, whilst getting successful results.

Carlos Viola

Carlos Viola is a renowned composer, currently working as an ‘in house’ composer for ‘The Game Kitchen.’ He has worked on titles such as ‘The Last Door’ (2013), ‘Blasphemous’ (2019) and ‘Blasphemous II’ (2023). obtaining international recognition and several national nominations and awards.

Speaker 1

Game Audio: Something more than composing music and designing audio

LearningWorking in game audio is something more than composing music and designing audio, composer and sound designer Daniel Parejo will briefly review all the tasks, challenges and responsibilities he has faced during his professional experience.

Daniel Parejo

Daniel Parejo is a composer and sound designer working as audio lead for ‘The Game Kitchen’. He has worked as audio lead on titles such ‘Reventure’ (2019), ‘Blasphemous’ (2019) and ‘Blasphemous II’ (2023).


Speaker 1

Soundscapes in video games: From Field Recording to Interactivity Design

Audio artist and sound designer María Castro will go through the process of designing immersive ambiences for video games using techniques such as field recording and deep listening, as well as the process of implementation and design of interactive, dynamic and procedural soundscapes.

María Castro

María Castro is a sound artist, music composer and game audio designer who explores the intersection of science, art, and interactive technology in her work. With a special focus on electroacoustic composition, she employs a creative methodology that combines research and experimentation, both with software and hardware tools to generate, shape, and manipulate sound. She has worked on titles such as ‘Moonfrost’ (2024), ‘Manitas Kitchen’ (2023), ‘Sacred Tails’ (2023), or ‘Immortals of Aveum’ (2023).

Speaker 1

“The importance of audio in video games”

Experienced sound designer and music composer Eduardo de la Iglesia will speak about the different elements that constitute the audio of a video game (sound design, dialogue, implementation, etc...), by taking a brief tour of how the video game sound has evolved from its origins to the present day. He also will go through everything that is important to have in mind, showing many examples from right practices to practices that must be avoided, as well as how the developers should debrief composers and sound designers and what they should have in mind.

Eduardo de la Iglesia

Eduardo de la Iglesia is a composer and sound designer with more than 23 years of experience. He has worked on indie games such as ‘Call of the Sea’ (2020), ‘American Arcadia’ (2023), and AAA games such as ‘The Lords of the Fallen’ (2023) in addition to over 70 titles. His work has been recognised in international awards such ‘Billboard World Contest’, the ‘USA Songwriting Competition’ or ‘Akademia Music Awards’ along many others.

Round-Table Discussions

For this edition of Game Audio Summit ‘24 we wanted to try something a little bit different for the ‘round-table discussions’. In a regular ‘panel discussion’ a few guests would discuss a given topic, where you, as assistant, can only listen and participate in a brief Q&A round.

We know you have a lot to bring into the discussion, and even a few questions which you prefer to solve in an easy-going conversation, that is why we wanted you to get involved in these ‘round-table discussions’. In a large room we will set a few tables in which different topics suggested by the organization will be discussed simultaneously.

To participate in any of these discussions, the only thing you have to do is to fill out a formulary we will send you via mail, selecting the topic you are most interested in. We think this is a great way of networking, breaking the ice, and enjoy discussing the topics you love.

Remember to always discuss with kindness and respect, letting all participants speak and listening to each other.

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