About Valencia Indie Summit


A public entity that depends on the City Council of Valencia and that promotes urban innovation with a clear commitment to people putting them at the center of innovative action. Social innovation with one objective: to improve directly or indirectly the quality of life of each and every one of the people in the city of Valencia in a way not known or not implemented in practice. The entity seeks innovation with the active involvement of actors from the so-called "four propellers": public sector, private sector, academic sector/researcher and civil society.

Asociación de Estudiantes de Videojuegos

The Video Game Student Association is a statewide non-profit association. It is an intrinsically democratic organization where no member receives any kind of remuneration for their work.

The Video Game Student Association, as determined by its statutes, exists to meet the following objectives, among others: To accommodate anyone who wants to learn to develop video games or is active in the industry, promote the development of video games through collaborative work, and encourage contact between students of video games and professionals in the sector.

Valencia Interactive

This is a group for all those interested in the video game industry, be they artists, programmers, designers, producers, testers, community managers, media... Valencia Interactive organizes a monthly Meetup, an informal meeting, where you can meet and chat with professionals from the videogame industry in Valencia. A public and free event whose only "restriction" is to be part of the video game industry (or want to be).

IVACE Internacional

The Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness (IVACE, Institut Valencià de Competitivitat Empresarial) is a public entity integrated in the Generalitat Valenciana. Its mission is managing the industrial policy of the Generalitat and supporting companies in matter of innovation, internationalisation, attraction of investment, as well as promoting technological enclaves, and the industrial safety of products and facilities, among others. Likewise, it manages the energetic policy under the principles of energetic efficiency and promotion of the use of renewable energy.


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